In the museum's collection, a unique Book of Esther is preserved. It is decorated with colorful and lively miniatures that accompany the text of the scroll. This scroll possesses an interesting symmetry between the descriptions at the top and those at the bottom, and the scenes that are side by side: the king's feast versus Vashti's feast, outdoor scenes versus indoor scenes, enthroned Queen Esther and Ahasuerus and advisers before them.

Esther was indeed a queen but most of all she was a true heroine. Esther planned to come before King Ahasuerus and to invite him to her feast. She was concerned as she was not allowed to approach him unless she was called upon first. Her actions could have cost her her life, so she fasted for three days and asked her maidens to fast with her. An engraving from the museum's collection depicts Esther standing in front of her husband Ahasuerus. She is weak and scared and is supported by one of her companions. According to the scroll, Ahasuerus hands Esther his scepter and promises to grant her "up to half the kingdom." The artist who made the engraving before you chose to depict Ahasuerus as he got up from his chair and reached for Esther's face in concern as she fainted before his eyes. In doing so, the artist emphasized the king's affection for his queen.

Another biblical queen is the daughter of Pharaoh. The book of Exodus describes the daughter of Pharaoh who goes down to bathe in the Nile with her handmaidens and there she discovers the ark containing the baby Moses. Pharaoh's daughter realizes that the baby is a Hebrew and yet decides to save him and raise him as her own. Throughout history, many artists have depicted Egypt and the Egyptians. Many times they portrayed them as contemporaries. In this way, Egypt and the Nile became more similar to Venice, and the daughter of Pharaoh- a noble queen dressed in the height of 17th century fashion. Thus was created the engraving below.


מגילת אסתר,

צפון איטליה, סוף המאה ה-17

כתב יד על קלף מעוטר בתחריט ושוליים צבועים

תרומת משפחת שפירא

0015 ON

משתה המלכה, פרט מתוך מגילת אסתר

0015 ON

מדליון עם אסתר לפני אחשוורוש

איטליה (?)

תחריט על נייר

ON 0786

ON 0772.jpg

משה בתיבה

קלאס ווישר (1587-1652)

אמסטרדם, המאה ה-17

תחריט על נייר

ON 0772

ON 0772 DETAIL_2.jpg

בת פרעה יורדת לרחוץ ביאור, פרט מתוך משה בתיבה

ON 0772