A king is a very important man. He is usually surrounded by advisers, wears special clothes, wears a crown and lives in a magnificent palace. The Book of Esther, for example, describes Ahasuerus' feast in his garden as being decorated with colorful fabrics of light blue, white, green, and crimson. The author also mentions sofas made of gold and silver as well as cutlery made of gold. The Book of Esther in the museum collection presents us with a wide variety of garments and represents a combination of East and West. In this scroll we find Vashti in Western attire, alongside Ahasuerus in Oriental attire with a large turban on his head.


King David, on the other hand, is often depicted with the object most associated with him - the harp. David can be seen playing the harp both in a distinctly non-religious engraving and on the title page of a printed Bible book.


Pharaoh also receives his own treatment. Many times biblical and mythological figures were represented in contemporary attire. For example, in an illustration from the Passover Haggadah, Pharaoh is depicted as a typical European king, with a crown, scepter and robe decorated with white weasel fur with black dots as can be found to this day in royal robes.

מגילת אסתר,

צפון איטליה, סוף המאה ה-17

כתב יד על קלף מעוטר בתחריט ושוליים צבועים

תרומת משפחת שפירא

0015 ON

משתה המלך אחשוורוש, פרט מתוך מגילת אסתר

0015 ON

מדליון עם סצנה מחייו של דוד

איטליה (?)

תחריט על נייר

ON 0785

משה אהרון ודוד המלך, דף פתיחה לתנ"ך בשני כרכים

פרנפורט אם מיין, גרמניה, 1716

דפוס על נייר

מתנת האחים מיילי לכבוד אביהם אומברטו מיילי, 1992

ON 1340

ON 1340_shaar.jpg

משה ואהרון לפני פרעה, איור מתוך הגדת פסח

וינה, אוסטריה, 1749

כתב-יד, דיו, זהב וצבעי מים על קלף

מתנת נורה אביעד, 1987

1411 ON

ON1141_moses and aaron.jpg