There are two main types of angels in Western art. They are sometimes depicted as adult human figures with large wings and sometimes as plump babies referred to in art as "Putti". While most of us are familiar with white- winged angels, in the past they were depicted with very colorful wings as can be seen in the ketuba in front of you.


Angels adorned a variety of objects. They can be found on ketubbot, Hanukkah lamps, special certificates and also as a decoration for songs, as in the case of the song written in honor of a Torah scroll, from Cento near Ferrara.

But angels also appear in the Bible. The angels are messengers from God who appear before man, as in the story of the three messengers who came to tell Abraham and Sarah about the impending birth of their son. Sarah, upon hearing the news, laughed. She was already very old and had never been pregnant. When the boy was born, as the angels promised, Abraham named him - Isaac.


קונליאנו ונטו (איטליה), ז' בניסן תקמ"ב (1782)

חתן: יצחק בן מאיר מורפורגו,

כלה: חנה בת אברהם בן שמשון גראשיני

כתב יד, דיו וטמפרה על קלף

השאלת הארכיון המרכזי לתולדות העם היהודי

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מלאך תוקע בחצוצרה, פרט מתוך כתובה

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שיר לכבוד ספר תורה

צ'נטו (איטליה), 1830

תחריט וכתב-יד על נייר

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שלשת המלאכים מבקרים את אהל אברהם ושרה

איור מתוך הגדת פסח

וינה, אוסטריה, 1749

כתב-יד, דיו, זהב וצבעי מים על קלף

מתנת נורה אביעד, 1987

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