אהרון הכהן

Aaron the Priest

Priests have an important role in Judaism, and to this day there are laws and customs related to their role and special status. However, after the destruction of the Second Temple, the place of the priests was taken by the sages, and they were the ones who led the religious and community life. Therefore, it is interesting to see how the Jews of the Diaspora, at different times, chose to describe the priests, and especially the high priest.

The High Priest is a very important figure- he engaged in sacred work, was a spiritual leader and was like.... well, like ... the Pope! The Jews of many lands often described the figure of Aaron the Priest and of the High Priest in general, in a manner reminiscent of a bishop or pope. The Jews of Europe knew what priests and bishops looked like in the cities in which they lived, and equated their importance to the Christians with the importance of Aaron and the high priest in Judaism.

Aaron is often depicted with a bishop's hat, and on the opening page of the Bible from Germany from 1716, Aaron wears a hat that looks exactly like the special crown worn by the Pope. It is also possible that Aaron's portrayal as a bishop was intended to illustrate to Christians the importance of Aaron and the high priest for the Jews.

משה ואהרון, דף פתיחה להגדת פסח

וינה, אוסטריה, 1749

כתב-יד, דיו, זהב וצבעי מים על קלף

מתנת נורה אביעד, 1987

1411 ON

ON1141_moses and aaron.jpg

משה ואהרון לפני פרעה, פרט מתוך הגדת פסח

1411 ON

ON 1340_shaar.jpg

משה אהרון ודוד המלך, עמוד שער לתנ"ך בשני כרכים

פרנפורט אם מיין, גרמניה, 1716

דפוס על נייר

מתנת האחים מיילי לכבוד אביהם אומברטו מיילי, 1992

ON 1340