Introducing- Our Collection!

Introducing- our collection! The U. Nahon Museum of Italian Jewish Art has some 3,000 objects in its collection. In this section we will introduce to you several of them and share their unique stories.

In honor of Sukkot- a Sukkah!


A Sukkah like this one is not something you see every day. The Sukkah walls are made of wood and are painted with tempera. The scenes, taken from the book of Exodus (Shmot) and related to the story of the exodus, are depicted within illusion "windows", themselves drawn on the wooden boards. Sukkot like these were rather common at the turn of the 17th century. Patrons would order the panels from local (not necessarily Jewish) artisans, and they were often decorated with fall-related themes or scenes from the Bible, such in this case. Despite being rather common, not many such panels survived over the years. In fact, this Sukkah is one of the last survivors of its kind. 

The Sukkah belonged to the Sullam family- a prominent Venetian family. The family stopped using the sukkah sometime after they moved to a Palazzo (palace) outside the ghetto of Venice. In 1978 the panels were donated by the Sullam family to the museum- to- be, and were dedicated in memory of Angelo Raffaele Sullam- amongst the first Zionist activist in Italy and a delegate to several Zionist congresses. The cleaning and conservation work done on the panels in 2016 exposed its original vibrant colores that were hidden for years under a layer of dirt and grime. 

This Sukkot (Hol Ha'moed- 22-3.09; 26-7.9) is your last chance to see this magnificent piece and the exhibition "The Crown". After the holiday the panels will go into some much needed rest and a new exhibition will be opened on October 10th. 

Come and see the Sukkah and take part in all our activities this Sukkot! For more detail CLICK HERE